WordPress 2.6 released

WordPress, an open source publishing system, released version 2.6 today with several new features. Which ones will make you happy?

Revision tracking

Post revisions in WordPress
Track who changed what and when with the revision history found at the bottom of the edit screen. It’s a handy feature for multi-author blogs, but it’s also a godsend for solo bloggers. If you’ve ever made a change and then changed your mind about the change, you know what I mean.

SSL support for /wp-admin/

You can now blog from public WiFi spots without fear. WordPress 2.6 now supports SSL for both the administration panel and for logins. Without SSL encryption, your user name and password are sent to the server in clear text. That’s a security disaster waiting to happen if someone is sniffing traffic on the same network. But with WordPress 2.6, you can use SSL to log in as an administrator, and even force all logins to use SSL.

Better plugin update notification

If new versions of your plugins are available, you’ll see a notification bubble over the Plugins link (upper-right corner) indicating how many of your plugins have new versions available.

Introduction of Gears

Also notable — though only for what it could mean for future versions of WordPress — is support for Gears. This version of WordPress only saves CSS and JavaScript files locally, which speeds up load times for the administration panel. I suspect future versions of WordPress will also support offline editing and storage for blog posts.

Upgrading from 2.5 to 2.6 should be easy and painless. But because this version makes changes to your database, make a back up first.


Tiffany – good summary here. I recently switched over to WP from MT and man am I loving the switch. Cheers.

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