We work
with honesty,
passion & audacity

Success grows from an open and honest partnership between client and agency, obsession with quality and detail, skillful craftsmanship, zeal for creative excellence, the perfect balance of tradition and curiosity, and the fearlessness to make smart ideas happen.

Founded in 2001 and based in Atlanta, Armchair was formed by the team of innovators that founded CNN.com. We strive to be trusted partners who enhance great brands. We understand that the value of your business, and our reputation, rest on the projects we create with you, our clients.

Our canvas primarily focuses on the digital realm, encompassing most screen-based platforms, but also extends to branding, graphic design, creative strategy, user interfaces and experiences, information architecture, digital strategy, and a wide variety of other modern creative services.

We're problem solvers. We're seasoned strategists, designers, writers, illustrators and programmers committed to creating work of highest quality.



Scott Woelfel has a long history in the world of content. His experience spans multiple media ranging from local to global news television and digital content in many forms. Scott has an innovator’s heart, co-founding and building the profitable business of CNN.com into the world’s first global news website.


Partner &
Chief Strategist

Dave Rickett specializes in understanding a client’s business and converting that insight into interactive engagement. With a decade and a half of experience developing content and envisioning user-friendly information architecture, Dave helps clients relate to their audiences in ways proven to achieve business goals. He is primary partner to many key Armchair clients including Coca-Cola, The College Board, and Mercer.


Partner &
Senior Strategist

Kenny Ferguson has a passion for creating lasting and trusted partnerships with some of the world’s most recognizable brands. He helps businesses embrace the rapid flow of the digital world by focusing on brand experience, user behavior, meaningful customer conversions, and more. Kenny leads Armchair’s work with Georgia-Pacific, Michelin, and YellaWood, among others.


Partner &
Creative Director

Stefán Kjartansson (kuh-yaRT-an-soen) oversees a team that has won Armchair nearly every major interactive design award. He’s created groundbreaking interactive designs and visual identities for a broad range of clients including multiple Coca-Cola brands, PVH and MA! Stefán's work has been featured in prestigious design publications such as Creative Review, Print Magazine and I.D. Magazine as well as It's Nice That, Design is Kinky and AIGA Eye on Design blogs.



Allan is Armchair's resident Renaissance man. While in the office, he uses his calm and cheerful demeanor to minister to our clients' vital needs. On his own time he's an accomplished graphite artist, using pencils, paper, erasers, even liquid graphite to create bold beautiful images. Not just content to focus on the visual, he's also into audio. Allan was the bassist for Five Fingers of Funk, a Portland-based live instrument hip hop band. Allan brings his many-layered talent to us from Nashville, and has a long history of agency and creative work.



Farbod Kokabi has seen his work imbue a large number of Armchair’s most important projects. As art director he leads interactive design, identity and creative innovation. A graduate of the Ernest G. Welch School of Design, Farbod has brought to life projects for clients such as Coca-Cola, Sofia Coppola and PVH.


Director of

Nate Steiner has worked in the field of web development since 1996, working for private and public companies, for-profit and non-profit groups, and on projects large and small. At Armchair, Nate provides technical consulting, management, and production. He enjoys hands-on work as well as shepherding the development process in-house and collaboratively with other teams.



Yoonhwa Jang brings a diverse portfolio of work with her to Armchair, ranging from illustration and graphic design, to printmaking and painting. Having studied multiple disciplines at both Georgia State University and the Portfolio Center, she now applies her talents to projects for Armchair stalwarts such as Coca-Cola, Octane and MOCA GA.



Jasmine Moss brings a strong customer service background to her role at Armchair. With past stints at Apple and other technology companies, she is well-versed in the language and practices of making things work for clients. As account manager she excels in leading our clients’ deliverables and expectations as well as maintaining the office and spicing things up where she can.



Allison Lewis straddles the line between technology and creativity, harnassing both in her role as developer at Armchair. Her studies included a mix of software development and computer graphics and animation, with a dose of game development thrown in as well. This experience led nicely to a web development job in our shop. Some of the major clients she’s aided have been Coke and Kroger, and she's also helped build boutique sites like New Eyes.