CollegeGo App

The College Board is the nation’s leading organization promoting college success. Part of that success begins long before college, in high school, when students need to position themselves to win. The CollegeGo app is designed to make that process easier for a generation of students who choose mobile first when getting online.

We conceived and designed the 25-step helper app to give students short, fun and easy-to-complete activities to help them identify which college to attend, what to study to make admission easier, and how to find ways to pay for college.

Each of the steps addresses one small part of the college search and admissions process. Easily completed in a short amount of time, students gradually narrow down their choices and hone in on the path that’s ideally suited for themselves.

In addition to exploring options and choices, students can also view what their friends are doing and support them by giving “cheers” to activities, shown as heart alerts on the app.

Completing the 25 steps leaves students with a clear picture of their ideal college future and how to achieve it.

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