SAT Website

The College Board is a non-profit organization that is best known for administering the SAT test for college admission. But the site students used to register and practice for the SAT was presented in a dry, reference book fashion that held little appeal to teens who had to rely on it to prepare themselves for this huge rite of passage towards their college education.

Armchair stepped in to create a new SAT site to engage students and help them as they prepared for the exam. For example, the College Board knew that there was a lot of anxiety around the actual test day. To make students more at ease with what to expect we created an animated, tongue-in-cheek Test Day Simulator, using humor to give them familiarity and comfort with what they would encounter on test day.

We also replaced dry text versions of sample test questions with new interactive exercises. Answers Imagined presented questions to students using light-hearted animations. This non-traditional approach to test prep helped students break out of a memorization rut and become more fully engaged with the test material and how they could master it.

Overall the site met with great success as students felt more empowered to take control of their education. The new site helped them to understand that college was the vehicle to their future, not just an immediate destination.

Visit the SAT website.