Coca-Cola M5

To recapture a younger generation, Coca-Cola commissioned five of the world's best motion design agencies to create music videos to correspond to newly minted and vibrantly illustrated aluminum bottles.

Coca-Cola branding was initially absent from the site to help it attract viewers who might not willingly embrace a Coke-branded offering. This risky tactic, combined with an engaging and unique online experience, generated a viral curiosity that spread from one visitor to the next, helping the soft drink giant expand its reputation with a young, influential audience.

To create a website like no other, we teamed up with designer Peter Rentz, animator Mattias Lindberg, and the team at North Kingdom in Sweden. The project redirected the blogosphere’s commentary on Coke from negative to positive. It also set a precedent for how Coke would reach its youth audience in the future, and eventually became a building block for the “Coke Side of Life” campaign.