Fuze Tea Website

Coca-Cola brand, Fuze, needed a website to accompany a television campaign launching its new Fuze Tea line of teas infused with fruit flavors.

To illustrate the concept of bringing together these natural tastes the brand created a physical, multi-level zoetrope that represented the fusion of fresh ingredients.

We worked to deconstruct the spot and add a layer of interactivity that enabled consumers to dive down and see how an object, a scene, or even the entire set was made.

We created controls to allow users to fully explore the zoetrope on a digital platform. They could even drill down to the smallest detail of an object from the ad and explore the fine detail that went into making the innovative spot.

Just as Fuze touted the coming-together of its natural ingredients to create a new kind of beverage, the TV commercial and website blended disparate media to create something original and fresh.