Georgia Tech College of Design Naming

For decades, the Georgia Tech College of Architecture has been comprised of individual schools that use creative innovation to shape the real world. And for decades, the word “Architecture” did not accurately reflect the diverse nature of these schools, their faculty, courses of study, and students.

Armchair and Georgia Tech worked together not only to rename the college, but to embark on a new beginning, recasting the identity of the college and influencing the study of innovative and creative technology for the 21st century and beyond.

The goals were clear – for external audiences the name would become a beacon for prospective students and provide a unified platform for marketing and other messaging. Within the college the name would create a shared identity for all the schools and become an energetic rallying point of pride and self-identification for students, faculty and staff.

We customized our multi-step naming methodology for the project’s distinct needs, starting with research, interviews, and surveys. Next came data analysis, candidate generation, refinement, elimination and finally, a clear recommendation. Along the way we discovered and highlighted distinctive traits and common threads among the schools.

The unique thread that runs through all of the schools became the basis for the new name: the College of Design. But it’s not just a college of design. It’s the Georgia Tech College of Design. One cannot separate Design from Technology when considering the college’s place as part of Georgia Tech.

The name firmly positions the college at an intersection of creativity and technology, while differentiating it from competing schools across its wide curricula. Furthermore, it establishes a technology-led approach to studying, planning and building the environments and objects of the 21st century.

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