Hendrick Rebrand

Hendrick is an interior design firm with a long history in Atlanta. They were at a point where their voice and ideas were no longer supported by their visual identity. We designed a new identity that provides a cohesive visual language expressing their dedication to client’s success and breathes a new life into their culture.

Hendrick’s new identity results from a rethinking of the studio’s positioning. In our work, we adhere to one of the basic design principles: remove noise to add value. In practice, this idea is reflected in the streamlined identity.

The identity provides a visual language to express Hendrick’s strong voice and relationships. The logotype is based on the company’s former mark but is reengineered for use within a hard-working typographic system.

The existing red color was brightened and allowed to play a more prominent role in the design, simplifying the branding and creating a solid foundation of color for a memorable impact.

The colors, typography and graphic design have been thoughtfully developed to convey the timeless essence of the Hendrick brand. The new logo and identity is consistent across all touchpoints and completes the evolution of the Hendrick rebrand.

The rebrand is proving to be a transformative milestone of their 40-year history. Hendrick’s communications are now cohesive and clear, and the company is enjoying even greater levels of respect, confidence and pride.

The website features Hendrick's work at a large scale with full width images and a simple grid of company projects.

The typography rounds out the site's conversational yet clear tone. The site is also responsive and scales to all devices.