Octane Brand System

Since opening its first location in 2003, Octane has taken pride in being a workspace for artists, a creative incubator, and a magnet for community. It's also been an Atlanta pioneer in the third-wave-movement in coffee.

Armchair has been working and playing with Octane since their brew first started hitting cups. Our inaugural commission was a large wall installation for the flagship Midtown West location, debuting the Black Slabbath typeface. The bold rotated typography set a tone for what was to come.

(Photo by Andrew Thomas Lee)

After years of periodic design help and consulting, Octane and Armchair recently moved to establish a client/agency relationship. Our new pact allows us to provide a more strategic approach, and cements our commitment as creative guide for the brand.

Our first task was to codify a brand and communication strategy—something we've been executing on and evolving ever since. It was important to create a scalable design system to accommodate the company's plans for expansion.

Since each Octane store 'grows out' of its neighborhood, our visual design system had to be systematic as well as flexible to accommodate the flavor of each location.

The design system is rooted in Octane's logo, with a playful, strong, and modern typography that aims to differentiate Octane from the competition.

The base colors are earthy—espresso brown, noir, cream and white, with a palette of pop colors. This creates a unique mix of modernity and direct communication with all the romance of Italian caffè tradition.

The brand aims to speak in a unique way, clear but fleeting, witty but direct, honest yet hospitable... almost in the way that conversations are (accidentally) overheard at the table next to you.