One&Only Website

The One&Only Resorts brand is positioned as the ultimate in high-end luxury travel. The resort chain places its properties in some of the finest, most exclusive locales in the world. One&Only wanted its website to have that same one-of-a-kind, luxurious feel, while still allowing its guests easy access to travel planning tools.

Upon arrival the user is immediately immersed in the brand’s rich feel. Lush black and white imagery provides a sense of sophistication while enticing the user to click deeper and explore.

Some of the brand’s appeal was displayed through the creation of moving still images, capturing the sense of place of the picturesque resorts. But the site needed to be more than a showcase of the hotel chain’s stellar properties. It also needed to function as an effective engine to drive travel bookings. To do that content is organized in such a way to expose users to the most meaningful information, driving clicks with subtle, yet effective, calls to action.

The final result is a site that achieves the proper balance, appealing to the senses as luxury sales pieces, while enabling travel booking through an effective interface.