Tin Drum Website

Tin Drum Asiacafé is a rapidly growing, fast-casual dining chain with locations in the Southeast. The brand strives to capture the flavors of Asian street cafés, not just in its food, but also in the restaurant environments, represented by the use of distinctive decor, bold wall graphics and 80’s New Wave music.

Owner Steven Chan challenged Armchair to match the feel of his Tin Drum stores on the company’s new website. That meant capturing the boldness of the brand but not allowing it to get in the way of the customer’s reasons to use the site to explore the menu and find a nearby location.

We designed the site to integrate culture, food and the business objective of piquing the interest of potential customers and getting them into the restaurant. To capture the spirit of the brand we created a design system that’s a careful balance of geometry and intuition. Art collages express the culture; the brand voice is witty and eccentric.

Accommodating a growing mobile audience, the site’s interface is clear and playful while working consistently across numerous devices through the use of responsive design.

Visit the Tin Drum website.